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Students at campus
Students on the Kauaʻi Community College campus

A primary resource center and gathering place in ? for residents and visitors, offers business, technology, hospitality, health, early childhood education and liberal arts courses and administers the UH Center on Kaua?i.

Areas of Excellence


Kaua?i Community College provides a transfer-level liberal arts education, but also offers a variety of vocational and professional training programs. Four-year and graduate degrees are offered through the University Center.


Kaua?i Community College serves local needs through many innovative community partnerships.


On the lush Garden Isle of Kaua?i, the Kaua?i Community College campus is a social and cultural center, as well as a popular visitor destination.

Fast Facts about?Kaua?i Community College

Degrees and Programs


  • Undergraduate: 1,298

Student to Faculty Ratio*

  • 11:1
    * fall 2021

Age and Gender*

  • Average age: 22.4 years old
  • Men: 49.2%
  • Women: 48.4%
    * full-time students

Enrollment Status

  • Full-time: 19.0%
  • Part-time: 81.0%

Pell Grant Recipients*

  • 54%
    of eligible, full-time students awarded Fall 2022

Student Diversity (full-time students)


Contact Information and Location

Kauai Community College seal and nameplalte

3-1901 Kaumuali?i Highway
?, HI 96766

? (808)?245-8311

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for new and prospective Kaua?i?students.

Last modified: April 8, 2024
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